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Get ready for Season 24 of Body Builders Television Network. Our fucus is to, "Promote Classical Pentecostal Holiness" to the largest evangelism field in the world, the internet. Worldwide, 5.3 billion people are on the internet daily. Supt. Chambliss have a mandate as Digital Media Missionaries are striving to create a presence for present and post rapture viewers. 

Body Builders Television Network is the Digital Media Evangelistic Ministry of the Embassy Church of God in Christ (embassytv.net)  founded by Superintendent Dr. Will Chambliss and District Missionary -Designate Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss in October 2000.  We are 501-C3 Tex exempt since 1994, and State of Florida Tax exempt.  We are supported by Ministry Partners and individuals who support our cause to evangelize the global internet's 5.3 billion daily users with programming from a Classical Pentecostal Holiness perspective.  Because we understand scripture, we also want to leave a digital record of Classical Pentecostal Holiness as generations pass on and after the rapture when the saints have gone on. For additional information on how you, your business, or your ministry can benefit from the Ministry Partnership Program, contact Embassy Media Group, Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss at (828) 316-7408 or contact. We thank you in advance for your support/ 

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Today, there are numerous options for viewing church, individuals and more on social media. Besides the content, we are forces to see personal shorts; video clips that are a step above pornography, vulgar and most important many that are against the biblical foundation that we have in Holiness and our personal denomination, the Church of God in Christ.  Besides being in Media Ministry for over 25 years, we are the Pastors of Embassy Church of God in Christ, Interlachen, Fl. (embassytv.net) Florida Central Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. and Mother Judy T. Little Supervisor, and Supt. and District Missionary of the Embassy District. 


We are well aware of the challenges facing our Pastors today as it relates to reaching and connecting former and new members and keeping existing members motivated. Body Builders Television Network is our primary source of building a community of Classical Pentecostal Holiness believers who will enjoy the programming we share. There will be weekly updates and more. Your best way to get and stay connected is to download the Embassy COGIC app and register. There is no charge but our way of documenting those who share our cause of , "Promoting our Classical Pentecostal Holiness Heritage".  Once again, thanks for watching and sharing, Body Builders Television Network.