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Watch below, grow with us and share the the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world, by sharing Body Builders Television Network. On behalf of Superintendent Dr Will Chambliss and myself, Maranatha, 'even so Lord Jesus come quickly. Amen and amen!!

Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss, Co-Founder

Good Morning Putnam County  November 14th Show

Welcome the Body Builders Television Network. Dr Will and I launched this entire network from the vison of one broadcast, BBTV Today on cable in 1999 and  October or 2000 nationally. 

So much has changed along the way as technology caused our original format of 50 channels on different subjects became a reality but eventually not feasible. 

Yet, we have stayed the test of time and true to the vision, to spead the gospel of Jesus Christ to the 6.5 billion people who visit the internet daily. 

Good Morning Putnam County Show October 31

Good Morning Putnam County November 7th show