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Dr. Will Chambliss and Dr Brenda Miller Chambliss

Initiative 2025 is a movement, a cry for Renewal, Restoration, and Revival among those who share the Classical Pentecostal Holiness beliefs according to Acts 1:8. Over the next 2 years.  we are leading a campaign to raise awareness, make a stand for holiness in a unified effort that will cross, race, denomination, gender, economic and political beliefs. What will the Classical Pentecostal Holiness church of 2025, the Lord delay His coming look like? Will popularity on social media determine our future leaders?  Will prophecies that favor one race and political conviction over another bring greater division in the church? Will a denominational church become a thing of the past? Join us in this powerful end-time move of God. 

Initiative 2025

Targeted Aggressive Growth

Churches using Media Evangelism to reach, connect and empower generations through the Power of the Holy Ghost and leave a legacy and inheritance of Classical Pentecostal Holiness. 

Initiative 2025:Targeted Aggressive Growth is the vision of Drs. Will and Brenda Chambliss to reach the six generations that remain today and empower them through the Power of the Holy Ghost.  Over the next two years from 2023-2025, our goal is to use time, talent, and technology to partner with churches and see souls saved, those that are saved refilled, and taught to make disciples that make disciples.  Our main goal in generational ministry reaching and connecting with Baby Boomers to the Alpha generation.  Without a plan, our churches will peak, become stagnant from lack of growth and continue with what is familiar. 


1. BBTV Today - Now in its 23rd year, BBTV Today hosted by Dr Brenda Miller-Williams is taking on more meaningful Kingdom Focused interviews, testimonies, new music ministries, and more. Each BBTV Today will also sponsor a segment from Step By Step Women's Grief Ministry for Survivors of Murder and Suicide ( and CHOICES: Faith-Based Youth Mentor Program offering proactive strategies and opportunities as a component of Step By Step Women's Grief Ministry for Survivors of Murder and Suicide ( Our goal: to save a child and avoid survivor grief".  As a Media Ministry Partner, our goal is to Ministries to assist them to create our enhance their Media Ministry post-COVID.

3. Media Ministry Partners - More than streaming, we will partner with those 100 Pastors and Ministries to assist them to create our enhance their Media Ministry post-COVID.

5. CHOICES Magazine: A print and digital publication and outreach of Step By Step Women Grief Ministry for Victims of Homicide and Suicide Survivors ( and CHOICES, Faith Based Youth Mentor Program for youth ages 6-11 and 12 to 17. CHOICES is the youth component of Step By Step offering a proactive approach.  









" That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should and declare them to their children: Psalm 78:6.











We want to see souls saved, filled and baptized with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues and planted into local churches that would teach them to be Disciples and make Disciples from a Classical Pentecostal Holiness Perspective. We must make sure the Heritage of Holiness is preserved for future generations. 













Let's face it, if we want to see church growth, we are going to have to be aggressive in our evangelism outreach. Join the T.A.G. Team, today. 

Let's reach our area and see souls saved. 



The ability to assess and initiate things independently. The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do:"


 Example: We have lost the initiative and allowed our opponents to dictate the subject.